End of the Year Dividned Stock Sector Balance

I show this  Sector balance to see where I am at.  I am not worried about numbers or anything as that just it those numbers can change or drop depending on if that sector is up or down.

You can definitely see  that most of them went up with the exception of a few and not much differance in percentage wise on most of them.   i cant wait to see what the mid year 2020 brings us.



My Dividend Profile

On my tracker i have  all my stocks that pay dividends and with Fridays raise it gave me over $200,000 dividend paying stocks and mutual funds.


This is all my paying dividend stocks and one mutual fund.   2 years ago in December my main account which was in share builder at the time went $100,000 and that one is now pushing $200,000 it does have some non dividend paying Stocks in it.

Have you had any good news lately? Let me know in the comments.

2018 Midyear Portfolio Balance.

June is past and we are streaming into the second half of the year. For the midyear review we are going to look at how balanced or unbalanced my portfolio is. This does include mutual funds or ETFs which i have 1.

As you can see a big difference not only in total amount but some of the sectors. I was gifted a lot of stock about $33,000 from my mom so that is where the main difference comes from. Selling of UVE a financial stock and adding it to T is the what makes up the differences between Financial and Telecoms. While I would like consumer goods to get out in front that wont happen over night and i will continue to add good companies at good to great prices as i see fit.

How is your portfolio balance?