March 2019 Dividends.

yall-got-any-more-of-them-dividends Marvelous March Madness dividends are in and they are good. as matter of fact they are so good i set a new record with them. That means some other months will be even better when i look at the my future dividends.

What my goal is is to build a passive income stream that pays all my bills and givves me enough left to have fun on. Right now i can pay most of my bills, I own half my house split with my mom so she pays most of the house bills but eventually i will be paying those. I want to jump ahead of the game and not have to worry if they are covered. I have my military retirement and VA disability which help out but if i just relied on that i would fall short when its my time to take over paying the house bills.

I have structured my dividends as a mix of income and future growth, so i have a good mix of stocks that are pleasently safe but as we have seen with GE and KHC and a few others companies can cut or even eliminate  their dividend at anytime. I dont own those but i have owned companies that have both cut and eliminated their dividend.  I dont believe in diversification just for diversification but to build a nice passive income stream.

As you can see this was a record month with total dividends at $699.49. I dont plan on it but most of the stocks i added to or bought till recently was not in the third quarter ending month. While i fell a little short and do i mean a little, but that might be to much maybe a smidgen short of $700 that was due to selling of stocks going back to last year of course i helped out other months UVE was sold and added to ATT and SJT and WRE were recently sold. I made up the  dividend almost in the Quarter ending month akready with a purchase of D last month. Ford the last 3 years has paid a supplemental dividend but this year did not and that is ok as  I would rather not rely on a one for long even though i have others and if another company pays me one i will not complain. I do believe this will be my last Quarter ending month under $700.00.

Slower  month for buying and 1 sell than the last few months which you can read about here .

A marvelous total of $699.49 What is not to like about this? You can compare last years results on the page and also see what percentage each dividend was. With this dividend reinvestment of PEG it now is my first stock of many hopefully that go over $800.00 so it has joined that club.

As you can see i was paid 20 times by 20 companies. That comes out to $34.97 per company. New companies D and DAL and R helped out with their first payment this month. The rest is from additional buys and some dividend reinvestment.

If i were to go to my Durango Joes coffee shop at 2.97 a cup times 31 is $92.07.  That would  leave me with a nice $607.42 to put towards my bills.   I am going to eventually put it all back in the stock market, I brought in $22.56 a day.  This is a 2.4  percent increase over last March. Total for year now I have brought in $1655.23 which brings our total per day $18.39.  Total lifetime tracked dividends is $18418.51. Definitely seeing the results each month. The 12 month estimated dividend stands at $6,620.92 based on this month, through the end of 2019. You can see the results after time a mix of dividend reinvestment and adding on my own has helped this tremendously. This month would pay 2 of my bills, but when i inherit the house i will have more so i want to be able to cover most of those also. Looking at the chart you can see what percentage of  dividend was from each company this month.  You can look at the past dividends page which has now been updated Past Dividends.

With $699.49 brought in this month and a total of $1655.23 I am 22.67 percent of my Bronze level goal of $7300. we put a serous dent in it but i was hoping to be closer to 25 percent there is still lots of time and I am hoping by the end of June to be at 50 percent or higher we will see. My 12 month out  Prospective dividend is now at $6978.31.

For those that like total return im gonna start including it in here, I myself just care about the dividends but some like the total return

Since June 18 when i first moved my money i through MAR 31 2019 i have a 6.65 percent S&p 500 TR is 6.51 percent increase. Increase from Jan 1st -Mar 31 13.33 percent S&p 500 TR is 13.65 percent for the month of March it is 3.1 percent to 1.94 percent to the S&P 500 TR

How was your month? Let me know in the comments below.


CVX Dividend Raise

Jan 30 (Reuters) – Chevron Corp:




So what does this mean for me? It means more money in my pocket or to be used to buy another stock. Who does not like more money. This dividend is .07 cents a quarter per share more.

I own 7 shares of CVX this will add $1.96 to my dividends. The new year is looking good already one of the best starts I have had and it will only get better as more dividend increases come in. The goal one day is to have my dividends pay all my current and future bills right now most months would be covered on bills but in the future i will have more.

CVX $1.96

O $2.052  2nd raise

T $13.45

O .228

ABBV $7.04

IRM $1.034

2019 total increases $25.76

Have you had any raises lately?

October 2018 buys II and a Dividend Raise

Well we had  some nice buys in the first half the month and the second half of the month came. Did i buy? of course i did or i wouldn’t be writing this or would I? Since it isnt april fools i probably wouldn’t lol. Here is the report of my first buys  here

Lets see what we did

OCT 19 ABBV 3  shares at $89.41 for $268.24 adds $11.52 in dividends

Oct 19 IRM  11 shares at $32.09 for $352.94 adds 26.88 in dividends

OCT 22 ABBV 4 shares at $87.85 for $351.40 adds $15.36 in dividends

OCT 22 SJT 15 shares at $5.48 for $82.20 adds $8.13 though varies month to month

OCT 22 FLO 10 shares at $19.06 for $190.60 adds $7.20 in dividends

Oct 26 CVX 3 shares at $110.72 for $332.16 adds $13.44

OCT 26 IRM 11 shares at $30.55 for $336.03  adds 26.88 in dividends.

IRM is a new addition a little about them. Iron Mountain Incorporated is a holding company. The Company stores records, primarily physical records and data backup media, and provides information management services in various locations throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa. The Company operates through five segments: North American Records and Information Management Business, North American Data Management Business, Western European Business, Other International Business, and Corporate and Other Business. The Company offers records and information management services, and data management services. The Company provides storage and information management services to legal, financial, healthcare, insurance, life sciences, energy, businesses services, entertainment and government organizations. The Company’s other services include information destruction services, information governance and digital solutions, compliant records management and consulting services, and other ancillary services.

My 11 original shares of IRM were bought at .5875 a share and soon I woke up to the news of a raised dividend by 4 percent.

BOSTON, Oct. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM /ASX: INM), the storage and information management company, declared a fourth quarter cash dividend of USD $0.611 per share on the common stock of the company, payable on January 3, 2019 to shareholders of record as of the close of business on December 17, 2018. The company’s previous quarterly dividend per share was $0.5875, representing an increase of 4%, consistent with the company’s 2020 growth plan. the new dividend added 1.034 a year to that purchase. Beginning next year.

This time spent 1914.17  added 109.41 in dividends. total for the month is 4664.86 in capital spent plus an addition of 237. 89 in future dividends.

Have you bought any companies lately? Have you had any dividend raises? Let me know in the comments below.

CVX dividend hike

image who loves dividend hikes? Well me for one. no matter how big or how small. This one while a nice one was also small as I have a small amount of shares.

SAN RAMON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The Board of Directors of Chevron Corporation (NYSE:CVX) today declared a quarterly dividend of one dollar and twelve cents($1.12) per share, payable March 12, 2018, to all holders of common stock as shown on the transfer records of the Corporation at the close of business February 16, 2018.

This increase puts Chevron on track to make 2018 the 31st consecutive year with an increase in annual dividend payout.

This is a small raise as i have 2.04 shares it equals .32 cents a year. but over the course of a few years will turn into a lot.

CVX .32

OHI $5.92

O- $1.08

announced 2017 effective 2018

T $2.028


2018-total raises is $9.43

Have you had any raises lately?

Disclaimer: Long all stocks mentioned