January 2019 Dividends


The first Dividends of 2019 and you get to count them up with me. We had some cold weather early in the month but it warmed up for the end. But my dividends never cooled down.

You can see the Jan buys HERE

As you can see i was paid 15  times by 15 companies. That comes out to $29.04 per company.

If i were to go to my Durango Joes coffee shop at 2.97 a cup times 31 is $92.07.  That would  leave me with a nice $343.64 to put towards my bills.   I am going to eventually put it all back in the stock market, I brought in $14.05 a day.  This is a 34.56  percent increase over last January. Total for year now I have brought in $435.71 which brings our total per day $14.05.  Total lifetime tracked dividends is $17,198.99. Definitely seeing the results each month. The 12 month estimated dividend stands at $5,228.52, based on this month.  through the end of 2019. You can see the results after time a mix of dividend reinvestment and adding on my own has helped this tremendously. This month would pay 2 of my bills, but when i inherit the house i will have more so i want to be able to cover most of those also. Looking at the chart you can see what percentage of  dividend was from each company this month.  You can look at the past dividends page which has now been updated Past Dividends.

With $435.71 brought in I am 5.9 percent of my Bronze level goal of $7300. It doesnt look good now but lots of months left to go. My 12 month out  Prospective dividend is now at $6692.56.

How was your dividend haul? Did you do better than expected? Let me know in the comments below.


Jan 2019 Buys

Always have money burning holes in my account so always need to buy something LOL. January was not as active as buying  as the last few months and i do not expect the next few months to be that active but steady and forward with small concise buys.

  1. First buy was MGIC had tried to buy some  late last year and think i did get a small buy in but  some times it was hard as the spreads were to wide as i have to buy it with a limit order.  I bought on 01/16/2019 31 shares at $8.00 a share for a total of $248.00. This will add to $8.83 to my dividends.
  2.  The second buy was KO on 01/18/2019 I bought 5 shares  at $47.67 for a total of $238.35 this will add $7.80 to my dividends.
  3. My third buy was a new one and it was DAL  so on 01/22/2019  I dipped my little toe in and bought some i bought 3 shares at $47.51 for a total of $142.53, this will add $4.20 to my dividends.
  4. My fourth buy was MO i have consistently bought this over the the years and figured on a dip why not lower my cost basis some. On 01/22/2019  I bought 3 shares at $45.54 for a total of $136.61 this will add $10.8 to my dividends.
  5. My fifth buy on 01/23/2019 i bought more DAL  1 share at $47.08 for $47.08 this will add $1.40 to my  dividends
  6. My 6th buy i bought another one i have bought over the years on 01/23/2019 i bought BAC and i bought 4 shares at $28.73 for $114.92 this will add $2.40 to dividends.
  7. On 01/25/2019 my 7th buy i bought 3 shares of ABBV at $80.17 for a total of $240.51 this will add $12.84 to my  dividends.
  8. On 01/28/2019 i bought 3 shares of AZZ at $43.66 for a total of $130.98 this will add $2.04 to my dividends.
  9. My final buy was on 01/28/2019 also CFFN 8 shares at $13.60 for a total of $108.77  this will add $2.72 to my dividends.

So it was a busy buying month in hindsight, I spent a total of  $1407.75 buy pure quality high grade stocks that will pay me dividends for years to come. I added $53.03 in future dividend income. Have you bought anything lately let me know in the comments.

October Dividend Income Report


Another month has passed the weather has turned cooler the leaves for the most part in my yard are off the trees. Mr Market has been very volatile, which has given some good buying oppurtunities which you can see here and here. as you can see thats lots of buys in case you had missed the 2 posts. The buying will slow down as i build upp cash positions but will continue to make buys.  Continue reading “October Dividend Income Report”

August Dividend Report

image My favorite time of the month is here when we start reading peoples dividend reports and see how great you guys did and compute mine so we can see how I did. This month is no exception September is here Pumpkin spice coffee is already at SBUX and is probably best thrown in the trash after you order it but none the less another month is in the books.

August was the first full month that my sharebuilder account had been transferred over to Merrill Edge. So now while its hard to say its now a  Merrill Edge account.

Along with my bigger purchase of KDP earlier in the month which I wrote about I alo purchased a smaller amount of VOD on August 20th for 5 shares with a price of $22.97 for a total of $114.85, commission free. This buy adds $8.75 to my forward dividends. Small buys count  also and I want every dollar to count so we are. smaller buys we will  describe here unless i make a few of them throughout a week.

Continue reading “August Dividend Report”

Dividend Increase MO

image Yes today was the big day the big increase. And it was no slouch.

Altria Group is the parent company of Philip Morris USA (cigarettes), UST (smokeless), John Middleton (cigars), Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, NuMark Corp (vapor) & Philip Morris Capital Corp. PMUSA enjoys a 51% share of the US cigarette market, led by its top cigarette brand Marlboro. MO also owns over 10% of Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer. In March 2008 it spun off its int’l cigarette business to shareholders.

Altria Group Inc. said late Thursday its board of directors has approved a 14% increase to the cigarette maker’s quarterly dividend to 80 cents a share from 70 cents a share. The dividend is payable Oct. 10 to shareholders of record Sept. 14, Altria said.

I have had larger increase with less shares but this one is one of the biggest in terms of dollar wise i have ever had hopefully a i can get a few other companies up like this, LOL.

I own 149 shares of Altria so this gives me an increase of $14.90 per quarter or $59.60 per year. when you add the earlier increase in it comes out to an astounding $78.57 a year raise


This is a 14% increase. I own 149 shares this will add $59.60. Every dollar counts and we are counting this also.

MO $59.60

MGIC $3.42

Main $6.30

DUK $5.55


O-$.192   4th raise for this year

Flo – $3.61

AAPL- 32.38

XOM-  $26.4

O- $.192

MO $18.97

PPL $2.88

PEG $32.64

WMT .79

KO $1.27

CVX .32

OHI $5.92

O- $1.08

announced 2017 effective 2018

T $2.028


2018-total raises is $230.91

Have you had any raises lately?

2018 buy number 4 MO

Altria Group, Inc. is an American corporation and one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of tobacco, cigarettes and related products. It operates worldwide and is headquartered in Henrico County, Virginia.

With that being said i since it is down off its highs i decided to delve in and buy this stock again this is the second time i have bought this stock this year. To make this possible possible i sold to stocks an ETF called EFA for $838.20 a total of 11 shares, i was up about $110.00 and i also sold a preferred stock DDPRB i sold 5.5 shares of it for $563.98 not sure how much i was up on that. As part of the streamlining process of getting better stocks and building a good solid dividend income.

Now the buy, it was for 29 shares of MO for a total of $1,902.91 including commisions. this adds $20.3 a quarter to my dividends and $81.2  a year. This buy gives me 147 shares total of MO.  This buy brings my 12 month rolling prospective dividends to $5533.04. it becomes my third stock and also joins a mutual fund as stocks that pay over $400.00 a year.


Have you bought anything lately? Let me know in the comments below


PPL and MO dividend hikes

Image result for ppl corporation logoYes 2 dividend hikes one was the 22nd that escaped my view but its still a hike and i will take it.

PPL announced that it is increasing its common stock dividend to $0.41 per share on a quarterly basis, raising the annualized dividend about 4 percent from $1.58 per share to $1.64 per share. The increased dividend will be payable April 2 to shareowners of record as of March 9.

This raise gives me .72 Cents a quarter or $2.88 a year Continue reading “PPL and MO dividend hikes”