FEB 18 Dividend report


Yes i will pass go and collect my money, because i am greedy like that. We are now into the third month of the year March. Where does time go? it is lots of fun watching my dividends hit the register and go kaching kaching kaching.  We are a few weeks away from March Madness starting.

Before we go into the details I hit a milestone with my 100th post this month. this will be my 103rd post.  Always good to hit marks and milestones.

What a great month it is as you can see. 12 good payers paying me. they payed me quite well highest payment for a middle month dividend reinvests 1 new buy and some additions really help. AGNC with that payment went over $200.00 a year in dividends it becomes the it becomes the 9th company to  hit that payout.

This months $333.77  translates to 11.92 dollars a day for the month of FEB. If i were to go to my Durango Joes coffee shop at 2.97 a cup that equals $83.16 that would leave me with $250.61 which would pay my cell and home phone with a little left over. But as usual for now i will invest it all and i ended up with 14 extra shares.

For the year I have brought in $657.57 which equals $11.14 a day. my current projection for the year looks like its about $3,332.85. After next month we will have a better figure and be able to project more accurately.  I am expecting a big dividend haul next month. My 12 month rolling dividend stands currently at $5430.37

How was your month, let me know in the comments below.

Edit:  Had to change the number as i inserted it wrong for the yearly total it is correct now.

Disclaimer: Long all stocks shown


January 18 Dividend income


They need to update monopoly with a larger amount lol. i will collect it and invest it. Hard to believe that we are in Feb already time flies when you are investing i do believe.

I did not sell anything in my portfolio this month but also did not add anything. I am saving up money hoping to add after the quarter is over as i replenish a little but into emergency funds but if  the market continues to drop that might be hard to resist we will see how it goes then take action from that at a later time.  If it continues to drop i might pull the trigger on some trades.

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Dec 2017 dividends


Yes that is right make sure you collect $200.00 as you pass go. While we are beginning January, this report is the official last report of 2017 December that is. Recording setting year 2017 was and never in my all the imaginations i ever had did i dream of this much money coming in or having this much money.  Continue reading “Dec 2017 dividends”