End of the year net worth 2019

Well we are here time to update my net worth for the end of the year. I track my net worth to see how i am doing. I dont know what the end result will be but cashflow from dividends will be a major driver and that is all that matters.

You can see from when i started tracking it in 2016 it  has Risen  62.5 percent.  This year it has risen an astounding 23.2 percent, and quarter over quarter it has risen 7.3 percent.

Do you track your net worth? Let me know in the comments below.

Q3 2019 Net Worth

As we enter the last Quarter of 2019 its time to look at my net worth and how I have  done. My net worth is tied to stock market and i am OK with that because the main thing i want is dividends anything else is secondary.


Since i started My Net worth has increased 51.4 percent since last Quarter it has increased 2.73 percent. Slow and steady wins the race. Do you calculate your net worth?

Q2 19 Net Worth Report

Well its time to look at my Net worth as we end June and head into the second half of the year. From my perspective it looks great and continues to move upward which is what i want. of course if its moving downward that means my stocks are falling and I am  adding more.

Form when I started there is a 47 percent increase in my net wort. Quarter over Quarter is a 2.06 percent increase these small increases add up over the long haul.

Do you track your net worth? Has it gone up or down?


2019 Q1 Net Worth

Its time to examine my net worth. I  Like to do this Quarterly instead of monthly no specific reason  for doing it that way. So i finally transferred my money out of my Morgan Stanley into my Merrill edge account so that is done. The biggest driver will be my stocks  defining my Net Worth as i have very little income coming in so there will not be much change in cash at the banks. I try to keep some extra just in case i need to make a purchase.

My net worth has risen 44% since i started tracking it in 2016 since the end of 2018 it is up 9.4 percent. Slow smart investments help out here.


Have you examined your net worth? Has it risen or fallen?

3rd quarter 2018 Net Worth

Well we are here three complete quarters and it is time tolook at my net worth. I do it quarterly and not monthly.

As you can see the progression is very nice. I transferred $4,800. from my USAA high yield mutual fund to Merill edge to my navy federal and while it shows on here as still in it is now in my merrill edge account and will reflect next quarterly update. From the start of my tracking my net worth it has increased 39 percent. The QOQ is 2.59 percent.

Hope your net worth went up.

Mid Year Net worth 2018

Well it is time to look at my mid year net worth. the hope is that it increases every quarter the reality is that i know some quarters it will go down. So far ive been been blessed and its gone up every quarter. that wont happen every quarter but in those it does well I am thankful for.

I have included the first quarter i tracked it along with the last quarter. Hard to believe it has gone up just shy of 100,000 in just a year and a half.

Because I am  going through a brokerage transfer it is split out between share builder and Merrill Edge next quarter those will be combined as my transfer is almost all complete. Later on this year i will transfer in the Morgan Stanley to my account also.

Do you do net worth updates? How has it been doing? Let me know.

Q1 Networth

As we end one quarter and start another quarter. we look and see how my networth has progressed QOQ.

As you can see from the start to this quarter has been excellant of course that was helped by getting some stocks as gifts this quarter or i would have seen a drop or close to it. totally impressed with this and im hoping my additions to my stock portfolio pay dividends. (See what i did there?).

Till next Quarter hope your networth increases bountifully