May Dividend and Portfolio Review

May has ended and it is time to look over my portfolio and dividends I received.

As far as the portfolio goes it was a bland month with it being up by less than $1000.00 dollars. I did add one new position. Bringing my total to 39 wonderful stocks. 38 of those stocks currently pay a dividend. The one new stock was RILY capital. It is my smallest allocation so far at .31 percent of the portfolio. The largest allocation is AAPL at 13.6 percent.

Ticker Dividend
T $214.05
APPL $75.06
ABBV $225.05
MAIN $29.22
O $12.62
SBUX $31.50
USHYX $60.96
OMF $65.80
DHI $3.80
RILY $6.50
RILY $32.50
Dividend $757.06

As you can see I had a fantastic month. 10 companies paying me 11 times. Most of my income comes from ABBV and T but some others are not to shabby.

This months dividend is 41.7 percent higher than last years May dividend. Total dividend for 5 months is 24.8 percent higher than last year

Total portfolio value $313,233.19
Forward annual dividend $10,779.68
Trailing 12 months of Dividends $9869.75 Expected dividend as of 2021 $9567.57
Net worth as of March $503,169.05
Bought CVX, OMF, RILY, HBI Those were my main buys this month.
Dividend raises LYB, FLO, KDP
Future goals
Future portfolio value of $400000.00
Forward annual dividends of $15,000.00
Future net worth $750,000
This month I went over $37,300 in lifetime dividends.
As I wrap this months report up I’m very pleased with everything. This shows that no matter what you can do the same as I have done and the earlier you start the better off you will be. Just constant buying good quality stocks that raise their value and raise their dividends.