2018 buy number 4 MO

Altria Group, Inc. is an American corporation and one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of tobacco, cigarettes and related products. It operates worldwide and is headquartered in Henrico County, Virginia.

With that being said i since it is down off its highs i decided to delve in and buy this stock again this is the second time i have bought this stock this year. To make this possible possible i sold to stocks an ETF called EFA for $838.20 a total of 11 shares, i was up about $110.00 and i also sold a preferred stock DDPRB i sold 5.5 shares of it for $563.98 not sure how much i was up on that. As part of the streamlining process of getting better stocks and building a good solid dividend income.

Now the buy, it was for 29 shares of MO for a total of $1,902.91 including commisions. this adds $20.3 a quarter to my dividends and $81.2  a year. This buy gives me 147 shares total of MO.  This buy brings my 12 month rolling prospective dividends to $5533.04. it becomes my third stock and also joins a mutual fund as stocks that pay over $400.00 a year.


Have you bought anything lately? Let me know in the comments below



Recent sell

Well I sold a stock dont like doing it but sometimes you have to. You cant look back and wonder of course looking back and wondering wont do know good as this company had a bid to get bought out. I figured with the buyout offer it was a good timee to sell as to fill out their to sell to them form cost 25.00. Now was a way to figure out how to come out ahead. lol
On Thursday I was able to sell STS for 20.98 a share which with a 114.69 came out to $2,399.56 after fees which saved me 25.00 and got me close to the buy price. This cost my total dividends about 18.35 a year.  My current 12 month forward dividend is $3544.9.

Have you sold anything.


Disclaimer: following me may result in hardship as im not a stock advisor.

Recent Sell

I dont like to sell but even good stocks need to be looked at and evaluated if they fit your profile. This stock i acquired in a spin off of a stock that i had planned to sell but havent sold either yet till this transaction.

The stock i sold is more of a value stock while some are OK i want to concentrate on DGI so while i did sell it will be instantly put back into a stock buy on Tuesday. Continue reading “Recent Sell”