WMT and PEG dividend hikes

Image resultThe Board of Directors of Walmart Inc. (NYSE:WMTOpens Flyout Module that includes Quote information for linked symbol) approved an annual
cash dividend for fiscal year 2019 of $2.08 per share, an increase of 2
percent from the $2.04 per share paid for the last fiscal year. The
fiscal year 2019 annual dividend of $2.08 per share will be paid in four
quarterly installments of $0.52 per share.

Wether a dividend hike is small or large i love it. while not a barn burner it does keep growing and that is all that matters. Since i own a small amount of shares 19.91 this amounts to a total of .79 cents a  year raise. remember every raise matters.

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Second Gift PEG

Yesterday in the mail i got the final piece My PEG account info it was officially awarded on the 26th of Jan but recieved it yesterday a transfer of 408 PEG stock into my name. Got my log in info today and changed the settings to reinvest all dividends.  So on Jan 26 i got 408 shares of PEG worth 20,889.60 it became my largest stock and even with the recent drop continues to be so lol. This is the third stock but the other 2 were in the same account. last week i posted on the other gifts of XOM and PPL. this one will add $701.46 to my yearly dividends and brings my 12 month rolling dvidends to $5,291.97. It becomes my largest dividend payer and becomes the 7th dividend payer over $200.00 and the first over $500.00. I am moving up in the world. 


Anyone have any exciting news lately?

Disclaimer: long all stocks mentioned