March 21 Dividend and Portfolio Review

Starting the second quarter of the year, and the 4th month. Hard to believe how times flies when the stock market is going up. It is starting to warm up outside and my portfolio is about to heat up also.

Ticker Dividend
KR $32.40
V $4.17
VLO $71.54
SBUX $31.50
HBI $34.65
CVX $59.34
XOM $146.10
MSFT $34.46
WBA $41.14
NEE $19.64
MAIN $28.92
O $12.59
LYB $59.85
DUK $89.75
Flo $32.17
R $50.40
USHYX $68.67
BAC $56.52
FDUS $86.80
FDUS $19.60
MRCC $42.41
PEG $230.81
Dividend $1,253.43

As you can see this month was a great month and it was the highest ever. Compared to last March this month was 24.9 percent higher. My current yearly dividends are 14.9 percent higher than the first quarter last year. Nothing to complain about except I want more money and I know the solution to that problem. Buy great stocks.

Delving into the stats I was paid 22 times by 21 companies. My portfolio is growing by leaps and bounds. This month it my portfolio went up by $17,400. That is just a little shy of what my military retirement brings in a year. My total portfolio value just fell shy of $300,000. So it will pass that real soon. The last portfolio update I did was with my Merrill Edge account but since then I added my non dividend stocks into my tracker. It took 7.5 months or so for my Merrill edge account to add $50,000 in value. My net worth crossed the half a million mark this month. I have updated to the next level I want to achieve. I love to update these as it shows I am moving forward.

Total portfolio value $296,405.78
Forward annual dividend $10,393.04
Trailing 12 months of Dividends $9413.16 Expected dividend 2021 $9797.92
Net worth as of March $503,169.05
Bought FLO, KDP, DHI, NEE. Those were my main buys this month.
Dividend raises O, MGIC
Future goals
Future portfolio value of $300,000.00
Forward annual dividends of $15,000.00
Future net worth $750,000
This month I went over $35,700 in lifetime dividends.
As I wrap this months report up I’m very pleased with everything. This shows that no matter what you can do the same as I have done and the earlier you start the better off you will be. Just constant buying good quality stocks that raise their value and raise their dividends.