October Dividend Review

Well we are in the last Quarter of the year in some ways it seems long in other ways it seems it flew by. I am going to look at the dividends I received this month and see how I did.

Ticker Dividend
KO $29.11
PPL $48.97
IRM $30.93
MPW $18.90
MAIN $28.01
MO $217.18
APTS $32.46
O $11.86
SPKky $79.76
KDP $16.35
CHRYY $44.24
Ushyx $66.52
NRZ $69.38
APTS $18.80
AQN $14.30. Total $726.77

For starters that is a great looking month. Highest month outside of the Quarter ending months and we are ready to take this down the stretch and finish this strong. This month was 10 percent higher than last years $659.82

Total portfolio value $232,830.24
Forward annual dividend $9812.52
Expected dividend 2020 8,665.18
Net worth as of Sep $423,363.33
Bought MO, V, ABBV. Those were my main buys this month.
Dividend raises SBUX, V, ABBV
Future goals
Future portfolio value of $300,00.00
Forward annual dividends of $10,000.00
Future net worth $500,000
As you can see I am very close to 10,000.00 dollar in forward annual dividends. As long as there is no dividend cuts it should be doable by early next year or earlier.
This month I went over $31,400 lifetime dividends.
As I wrap this months report up I’m very pleased with everything.

Have you had any raises? How was your dividends this month? Any records set?

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

2 thoughts on “October Dividend Review”

  1. Congratulations on your nice dividend returns. It’s what keeps us going.

    Right now, I’m excited about ABBV, which I have owned for over a year now. It just increased its dividend 10%!! WOW!!! Who gets a 10% raise these days?

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