Mid year 2019 Sector Balance.

This post is done twice a year to see how balanced or unbalanced my portfolio is. It is fun to see what the difference is every 6 months and in the end all things will work out as I add more money.

You can see the difference and the reason for the drop in reits is I sold OHI which was a larger postion but all the other sells have had minimal impact. going forward  the plan is to buy bargains no matter what sector.

How does your sectors stack up?


KO Dividend Hike

Image result for coke Yes another raise i got another small one but they all add up over time.

The company’s board declared a quarterly dividend of 40 cents a share, up from 39 cents, for a 2.6% boost. It marked the 57th year in which the beverage giant has increased its dividend.

I own 30 shares of KO this will add $1.20 to my dividends. The new year is looking good already one of the best starts I have had and it will only get better as more dividend increases come in. The goal one day is to have my dividends pay all my current and future bills right now most months would be covered on bills but in the future i will have more.

So what does this mean for me? It means more money in my pocket or to be used to buy another stock. Who does not like more money.

KO $1.20

PEG $33.77

WMT $.80

PPL  $.50

CVX $1.96

O $2.052  2nd raise

T $13.45

O .228

ABBV $7.04

IRM $1.034

2019 total increases $62.03

Have you had any raises lately?

Balance of the Portfolio

In this we will look how healthy or not my portfolio is. this gives us a rough glimpse into the portfolio minus ETF and mutual funds and non dividend payers in these sectors


Financials went up due to Merrill edge classifying Mreits as financial so to keep it the same i moved them over there. Even with some nice money going in couldnt stop the downslide but thats ok this will someday it will balance out more hoprfully i just like buying stuff on special and have no respector of where it goes or falls into.


How is your portfolio balanced?

2 Dividend Raises

image yes that is right 2 dividend raises.  i love it when a company decides to send more money my way.

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Realty Income Corporation (Realty Income, NYSE:O), The Monthly Dividend Company®, today announced its Board of Directors has declared an increase in the company’s common stock monthly cash dividend to $0.221 per share from $0.2205 per share. The dividend is payable on January 15, 2019 to shareholders of record as of January 2, 2019. The ex-dividend date for January’s dividend is December 31, 2018. The new monthly dividend represents an annualized dividend amount of $2.652 per share as compared to the current annualized dividend amount of $2.646 per share.

That was the first raise i had it is not alot but it is important not only to me but i believe this is the 25th straight year they will have raised the dividend.

Now since i own  38 shares this will add .228 cents a year nothing to write home about but when you take all the raises O has throughout the year it is about 4 percent higher than last year.

The second one is ATT

Quarterly Dividend Increases for the 35Th Consecutive Year, Reflecting Strong Cash Flows and Confidence for 2019

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The board of directors of AT&T Inc.* (NYSE: T) has approved a 2.0% increase in the company’s quarterly dividend.

AT&T’s quarterly dividend will increase from $0.50 to $0.51 per share. The annual dividend will increase from $2.00 to $2.04 per share.

“Our healthy cash flows and strong outlook for 2019 give us the confidence to raise our dividend for the 35th consecutive year. The dividend is an important way we provide value to our shareholders, and I’m proud that we are able to continue our history of annual increases,” said Randall Stephenson, chairman and CEO, AT&T Inc.

The dividend is payable on Feb. 1, 2019, to stockholders of record at the close of business on Jan. 10, 2019.

I own 336.4126 shares of T this will add $13.45 to my dividends. the new year is looking good already one of the best starts ive had and it will only get better as more dividend increases come in. The goal one day is to have my dividends pay all my current and future bills right now most months would be covered on bills but in the future i will have more.

T $13.45

O .228

ABBV $7.04

IRM $1.034

2019 total increases $21.75

Have you had any raises lately?

ABBV Dividend Raise.


AbbV is a newer position to the protfolio and it raised its dividend quickly after i bought a few shares. I had bought a total of 16 shares by the time the raise was announced. Some headwinds have depressed the price but im cofident it is a strong company and will continue to pay dividends for years to come.


Now the details 16 shares times .11 equates to $1.76 a quarter or $7.04 a year.    Already getting raises for next year and will help out a lot.   Eventually these raises will help put me over the  crossing point to wear i wont have anything to worry about just kick back and collect the dividend.  This will take effect for the Feb 2019 dividend payment.


ABBV $7.04

IRM $1.034

2019 total increases $8.074

Have you had any raises lately?


Brokerage switch

As a lot of you know i was switching brokerages well on Jun 26 the first transfer went through. On July 2nd the second transfer went through. Some hiccups along the way but i got a free transfer out of Capitol One.

Now a little on the backstory. I started investing in the original sharebuilder back in 2001 and was very pleased was just want i wanted cheap yet simple. they mad some switches along the way selling out to ING then to capital one this last one made me think i just want something that most likely wont get bought out or sold.  As always there is a chance but i think with my new brokerage its very slim.

I decided after Capitol one decided to sell out to switch to Merrill edge.   I looked at a few prospects like M1 but the pie idea didnt suit me that well no offense to anyone that has it. i also looked at interactive brokers  which looked intriguing but they do have  some fees if your account isnt above $100,000. the more i thought about it the more i liked Merrill edge. I already had a checking account with bank of America so to me it made since to go with Merrill edge.

Now that the transfer is complete i have made some trades made some this week with some posts to be coming soon. i had 300 free trades. I was hoping to overlap it and not have that much of wait to get the next batch of free trades but i will have to wait it looks like till Sep is when i will average out for at least 50 free trades a month. really thats all i need but i should qualify shortly after for a upgrade to 100 free trades a month.  for these free trades you need for the 50 free trades 50,000 combined in merrill edge and BAC accounts. for the 100 free trades it is $100.000 combined for 3 months.

Some of things i like about merrill edge is the website is easy to use once you know your way around. Trades are very easy to make. they estimate how much dividends you will get in a given year. They show you long term and short term gain for the year and for the life of the stock.  You can look at every purchase and dividend reinvestment for long term gains and short term gains and losses.

Maintain over $50,000 combined balances allows you access to market pro or 15 trades a month.  Lots of extras like extended market hours which lets you trade pre and post market.

Lots of good stuff with Merrill edge and i have saved a bunch in fees as i would not have been able to make all these trades with out these.

Find the brokerage that is right for you though.

2018 buy number 5 and dividend hike XOM

image Yes the big double a buy and dividend hike on the same day i knew  the hike was getting close but not sure when it would happen.

When my mom gave me her Morgan Stanley  account, it came with $2,000 dollars in  cash wich earns a paltry bit of interest. of course i missed the episode a few weeks ago where it dropped to $73. something. It may go up more it may drop more im not really trying to time the market but when i looked this morning and seen that XOM was $78.05 I had to pull that trigger.

A little about XOM.

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) is the largest of the vertically integrated oil majors, as well as the largest publicly-traded corporation in the world by revenue. It was created on November 30, 1999, by the merger of Exxon and Mobil. The company has several divisions and hundreds of affiliates, including Exxon Mobil, Exxon, Esso, and Mobil.

The firm generates the majority of its income from liquid and natural gas sales, with earnings of $19.7 billion in 2017. The geographical diversity of Exxon Mobil’s exploration and production (E&P) activities make it less vulnerable to the regional production uncertainties that plague the industry. The company is also an international leader in the downstream refining industry with over 5,000 owned/leased retail stations and 4.9 million barrels per day of refining capacity at the end of 2017.

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