October 2018 buys

Lots of buying going on in community and for once i didnt want to miss out and for once i didnt. I have done a lot of buying since October began, way to much to put into the dividend report for OCT.

Oct 3rd I bought 30 shares of SPKKY at $13.20 for a total of $396.00  adds  $20.56 in dividends

On OCT 5 i bought 10 shares of KR at  $29.30 for a total of $293.00  adds $5.60 in dividends

40 shares of MPW at $14.37 for a total of $574.80 adds $40.00 in dividends

On Oct 12 i bought 4 shares of KR at $26.79 for  $107.16 adds $2.24 in dividends,

2 shares of KO at $44.76 for $89.52 adds $3.12 in dividends,

10 shares of CFFN at $12.31 for $123.14 adds $3.50 in dividends,

3 shares of MAIN at $37.45 for $112.37 adds $7.02 in dividends,

5 shares of ABBV at $90.83 for $454.15  adds $19.2 in dividends,

2 shares of SBUX at $56.31 for $112.63 adds $2.88 in dividends,

15 shares of F at $8.63 for $129.40 adds $9.00 in dividends,

On OCT 15 i bought 4 shares of ABBV at $89.63 for $358.52 adds $15.36 in dividends.

All in all i spent $2750.69, New companies were MPW and ABBV to my portfolio the others were adds although small they still count. these buys totaled together will add $128.48 a year to my dividends. Have you been buying anything? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: Long all stocks bought.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

18 thoughts on “October 2018 buys”

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy buying up some nicely discounted stocks. I had a hunch that the healthcare buy you mentioned would include ABBV, as they have been looking quite attractive at these prices. That’s fantastic to add $128+ to your forward income too! Well done!

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  2. Lots of buys. Nice seeing you add so much capital into your portfolio. I have owned ABBV since the beginning of the year. It has been fluctuating so it is nice to lower the cost basis. But the dividends are nice to collect in the meanwhile. I also share KO with you. Thinking about adding MAIN sometime in the future.

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  3. That is a lot of buys you have made. Good job putting that cash to work in many different places. ABBV looks like an interesting play these days. It’s definitely not loved for now. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I needed more medical exposure now i have ABBV and 2 reits if those count as medical lol. Thanks for stopping by and don’t be a stranger. It wouldn’t let me post my site on your site but you found me anyway.


  4. Nice purchases, D&H! I especially like the purchase of ABBV as it’s been a strong buy as of late, now more than ever with the 4% drop today. $128 in added annual forward income is very impressive as well! Keep it up!

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