OCT 17 Dividends

yall-got-any-more-of-them-dividends I was wondering the same thing. Do you all have any more dividends? or more specifically do i have any more dividends. We are moving into the  fall and the colder weather is around us. I am going to try to salmon snagging tomorrow if everything works out. We have had 2 straight 300.00 plus months will it continue and make it three? Or will we stay at 2? The only way to know is to dig into the facts and see.

This month was a whopper and became my second largest month ever behind June 17 so we are really excited about the future as dividends start rolling in and will continue to roll in for a long time.

SPKKY and CHRRY paid cash and stock thats why it shows 2 entries minus the double entries i had 13 stocks pay a humungous $368.57 close to 20 short of June 17. but who is complaigning? Not me this is great. You can see the difference a year of dividend reinvestment and buying does. It really does a profile good.

This brings my yearly dividend to  $2916.31 and my total dividends recorded went over 10,108.89. This months allotment allows me to drink 1 cup of coffee at $2.97 and $92.07 which leaves me with about $275 which pays my  cell phone and insurance with a little bit to spare. For the month this breaks down to 11.88 a day bringing it out to $9.59 a day for the year. My average monthly intake for year is now $291.63. if everything works out this year I will bring in around $3499.57. My forward 12 month dividend outlook stands at $3913.50

How was your month?

Disclaimer: Long all stocks

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

12 thoughts on “OCT 17 Dividends”

  1. Congrats with regard to another $300+ month. The dividend train is picking up steam. Almost $3K for this year, and nearly a projected $4K for next year…. great work! By the way, I like your recent purchase of HBI… I may become a buyer of HBI, too.

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  2. Keep doing what you’re doing. Clearly a big difference can be made in a year with reinvestment and fresh cash added. Nice to see a diverse list of companies paying you for the month. Almost $4K forward 12 months of divvys is not too shabby either. That’s real cash!

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  3. Over $10,000 in total dividends received is awesome! The next $10k will go even more quickly. The snowball is starting to pick up steam (hmmm…the combination of those two phrases seems strange, but I think you get the idea 🙂 )


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