Recent Sell

I dont like to sell but even good stocks need to be looked at and evaluated if they fit your profile. This stock i acquired in a spin off of a stock that i had planned to sell but havent sold either yet till this transaction.

The stock i sold is more of a value stock while some are OK i want to concentrate on DGI so while i did sell it will be instantly put back into a stock buy on Tuesday.

So on Tuesday the 6th i sold CABO cable one for a nice little profit. The amount of shares i sold was 1.6508 and i got $1,042.23 so it was very profitable stock but I was probably never going to add to it as i wanted to build up other stocks and grab new ones as this provided me the oppurtunity to add to another stock soon on the sharebuilder plan.

I lost about 6.00 dollars a year in income off of this so its not a big loss and will be recouped when i make the next purchase.

Anyone else sell anything lately?

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

2 thoughts on “Recent Sell”

  1. With CABO’s low yield, it should be quite easy to exceed $6 income by a new investment. It will be interesting to watch the long-term battle between wired and wireless providers as wireless bandwidth increases.
    Best wishes,

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