2016 Net Worth Q4

Here it is the second and final net worth track of 2016 I will have 4 in 2017 as i do them quarterly. some accounts go up and some go down as long as at the end of the year my final tally is positive that is all that really matters. Before i started blogging i had never tracked my net worth just kept track of my main account through sharebuilder  but now i cant wait each quarter to see where i am at.

Some accounts will rise and some will fall as long as it is positive we are good. when i finally logged into my TSP to do my initial account i could not believe how much my account had gone up. I hope it continues. One account i have to take 600.00 out of so it will fall next cycle but other than that it just depends on the rise and fall of the stock market and how much i transfer into my brokerage


A small 2.53 percent raise from the last quarter. I will take it as its positive. I am always glad when its positive. Hopefully it will keep in positive territory. Do you tracjk your networth?  Did yours increase much?

Happy New year.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

8 thoughts on “2016 Net Worth Q4”

  1. Yes!! You are definitely going in the right direction. Isn’t it nice to see all those numbers lined up? I am a bit of a spreadsheet nerd and I feel just like you – I can’t wait to fill it all in each month and watch it grow (god willing!). Now that the new year is here I am a bit depresses by my new spreadsheet because it is blank and boring. 😦 I keep going back to 2016 just to see all the numbers! This next quarter can’t come fast enough…

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