DEC Dividends

Well all the dividends have been tabulated it is time to see if it is time to cry or put a great big smile on my face. But to begin with to keep you in suspense a little i have never had a 200.00 month and now will we end 2016 ending that drought or will it continue?

After not having invested in almost 3 years this year i got after again as i paid off my credit card and sold some stocks and added some of mine to  the mix to buy some. 

Are you ready for this? Hold onto your seats. This month i was paid by 19 companies a total of 346.80 with a total of 13.2 shares dripped is that awesome or what? On the graph below Main is listed twice because it paid 2 deperate times.

I was paid 4 special dividends this month. so that attributed to the exception high amount. I hope i can continue to bring it up so in case some stop paying the special dividend it will continue to rise even without  that special dividend.

Scrolling down you will see the comparison to Sep 16. From Sep to DEC was a whopping 92 percent gain. From DEC 15 which i earned 122.54 is a gobsmacking 183 percent increase. I wish every month could be like that i would be rocking this. Now the year over year gain last year i earned 1050.8 this year i earned in dividends 1631.71. which is a 55 percent YOY increase. I wish i could continue these types increases but as i get up there less and less but thats ok as long as i go up every year i will be happy.

With this 346.80 it comes out to 11.18 a day wich is mot to shabby my best month ever this would cover 2 bills plus a little left over for a a couple of cups of coffee from the local coffee shop.  My total for year this year accounting for the extra day of leap year is $4.45 a day not bad i could spend half that on a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop and have about half left over depending on what size i got.

Now im not worried about the ups and downs of the stock market i just track the yearly up or down to see what it is. as long as the dividends keep coming in and growing I am happy. I began this year with my account at $57,633.35  and ended it at   $73,427.96  Which is growth of my account 27.40 percent.

How was your month? Any special dividends this month? Any big surprises for the month? Did you beat your expactations for the month?

Happy New Year








Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

14 thoughts on “DEC Dividends”

  1. Congrats on a great ending to the month! And a 28% increase in your portfolio is pretty cool too 🙂

    I must admit I read your post headline “DEC Dividends” and thought at first that Digital Equipment Company had resurrected or something. Showing my age now.

    Wishing you a successful 2017,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup i didnt realize that till i finalized the tally. as on my sheet i had copied from brokerage it shows 2 numbers 1 a positive another a negative. Well the negative number was affecting it by more than 80 dollars and i was wondering why it wasnt moving up lol.


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