September Dividends


Well its my favorite time of month when I tally up the dividends to see if i weep or smile. After not adding anything for about 3 years i started adding again in May/June, well you can see the results coming in.

This month was a record month in terms of the most i dividends i have received. and with this months haul it puts me 23.00 short of last years dividends so this year should end up being pretty darn good if you ask me.

This month i had 17 wonderful companies pay me a total of 180.52, that comes out to approximately $6.01 a day with

Comparable months are March 143.69 and June with 121.20. 39 percent higher than june.

How was your month set any records?

I am long all the stocks listed. i am not a professional stock picker.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

39 thoughts on “September Dividends”

  1. 39% higher than June is outstanding, you must really killing it with your savings. No new records for myself, but did manage to pull in $1800 for the month so very happy still!

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  2. Congrats on hitting a record month for dividend income. That’s always a nice milestone to achieve. Of course, I’m always amazed that between my entire portfolio and your entire portfolio we do not share s single common dividend payer for the month. Keep building that passive income stream!

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  3. Hi Doug,
    Congrats on a record month! Hopefully December will be even higher for you. We have WMT, CVX and MSFT in common from your paying stocks this month; CVX is struggling a bit but I like WMT and MSFT.
    Best wishes,

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  4. Congrats to your achieved dividend income! I’ve had $ 184 so it’s pretty much comparable. But October will be ZERO for me – so maybe it’s not totally comparable 😉

    Looking forward to your October dividend income!

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