MSFT dividend raise


Yesterday the Board of Microsoft decided to send money my way yup send me free money

Yesterday Microsoft decided to raise its dividend by 8.3% from .36 cents a share to .39 cents a share per quarter. While not as big as the past they did announce a 40 billion dollar share buyback also.

While the share buyback is good it’s also bad as it has no defined time table so it could have minimal effect but if they do it over a 3 year time frame it will have a good effect.

Since I own 58.8 shares this will add $1.76 a quarter, or $7.05 a year.

This is how you achieve financial independence when you get enough stocks and the raises each year increase and you hit that crossover point.

I love it when companies throw free money my way don’t you?

I am long MSFT.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

6 thoughts on “MSFT dividend raise”

  1. I love dividends, but they are not free 🙂 Remember, you had to invest your hard earned money first before any dividends will come your way. Regarding Microsoft, yes it was nice to get a raise but it was half the raise they gave last year. I am not complaining but just saying that their dividend growth is slowing down. Hope they can at least maintain the current divi growth next year.

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    1. It’s free in the sense that I didn’t have to hire someone or put money into research and development.
      I think when growth slows down companies will slow the dividends down and pick them up again when growth occurs again


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