MARCH Dividends

image Yes it is that time of month where we report on what our stocks paid us and if we fell short or exceeded what we wanted to do. Now if you can remember Dec was a record month by a mile because of some special dividends and lots of added capital to my account. Well i added a little capital but was it enough to become my biggest month? Will i weep or will i cry?

Yes this month edged out Dec by a sliver for my best month ever and due to starting to add to my account again you can see huge increase from last year to this year

This is a 141 percent increase over last march of 143.69 love these huge increase but they wont last forever gotta enjoy them while i can.  It was a small .14 percent increase over DEC but  the YOY is what i track as i have some that pay twice a year so it throws it off a little.

Now this 347.21 equals 11.20 a day if i were to not drip amnd spend this on me this would by 1 cup of coffee at 2.25 a day approximatly  with  2 of my bills being around 130.00 each this month i would have 17.46 left to spend on my self.

My goal is to get all my bills paid monthly then just keep on adding or dripping whatever I am doing at the time.

disclaimer Long all stocks shown or mentioned.


Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

20 thoughts on “MARCH Dividends”

  1. Excellent progress ! Well done. Keep adding. I try to auto purchases every week and have been doing this for years. It really has helped me accumulate without being too much of a burden. I treat it as a bill. Great job, keep it up and the totals will grow surprisingly quick. MAIN should be announcing their special dividend shortly. Good luck !


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    1. Gotta love record months of course most months from here on out will be records unless i buy a lot of of stocks that only pay twice a year or get a big diivedend cut. but even the risky ones i have sghould be safe for awhile.


    1. I sure hope so. of course after this next buy whenever it happens i will have to replenish some money. but since i dont spend a lot except for 2 months out of the year should be easy. Thanks for the continued support.


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