Todays Buy

Today i pulled the plug on a company already had a small portion and wanted to increase it. Today was as good as any day to pull the trigger on a buy on  this company.


I was not planning on buying anything else this month but wanted to collect the extra month of dividend so figured might as well do it today and not put it off.

So i pulled the plug on 53 shares of AGNC  to bring me to a total of 82 shares. I first bought this company in the recession and figured now was a good time to buy some more.

Those 53 shares cost me $1,020.05.  One of my goals over the next couple of years is to bring up my stocks i own and adding some here and there so ive done both so far this year. This buy will add 114.48 to my forward dividends, which adds over 9.54 a month to my dividends. This will bring my forward dividends to 2347.39.  

Have you bought any stocks? do you own this stock let me know.

Disclaimer. I am long AGNC and am not a professional stock picker. this stock could go up or down, or go sideways. do your own research before buying any stock.


Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

10 thoughts on “Todays Buy”

  1. Thanks for sharing your recent buy. I have been adding to my consumer oriented stocks this month that are already in my portfolio. Never heard of AGNC but at first glance that yield looks too high for my liking. Of course, I don’t know much else about this company. Congrats on adding to your snowball!


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