2018 End of Year Net Worth

As we begin 2019 it is time to look at my net worth for the end of the year. Markets had been choppy then started dropping down.

I have never had a quarter that was negative. Well till the 4th quarter of 18. But that is ok because in the long run I’m still collecting dividends and from where I first started I’m still positive.

Being down is ok because i know it will go back up. Being down in this market allowed me to re-balance my TSP so hopefully i get some better gains in the coming years or there might be more re-balancing in the future. Other than that a nice short and sweet update.


Quarterly Networth

Well as of SEP 30th i have figured out my networth. It took a little bit because i had lost some info but i finally got everything to check some accounts so. I am able to update my networth quarterly now

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