October Dividend Income Report


Another month has passed the weather has turned cooler the leaves for the most part in my yard are off the trees. Mr Market has been very volatile, which has given some good buying oppurtunities which you can see here and here. as you can see thats lots of buys in case you had missed the 2 posts. The buying will slow down as i build upp cash positions but will continue to make buys.  Continue reading “October Dividend Income Report”

GIS buy

zc8897d0az0887972a188d4234bbe68697fe2c0a7bPulled a Tuesday buy off this week. Couldn’t afford it but did it anyway. Great opportunities presented itself, so i had to pull the plug. Had not bought since middle of April so this was a refresher to get back into buying of course i have to continue to penny pinch to do that.

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