December 2018 Buys

December the buy continued a little  as the markets continued to slide and it was a wild ride but the object is to get great companies at great prices.

12/06/2018 bought 12 shares of GIS for $475.32 at $39.61 a share adding $23.52 a year in dividends

12/07/2018 Bought 14 shares of KR for $406.98 at $29.07 a share adding $7.84 a year in dividends

12/10/2018 bought 14 shares of BAC for $346.92 at $24.78 a share adding $8.40 in dividends

12/17/2018 bought 15 shares of NRZ for $235.05 at $15.67 a share adding $30.00 in dividends

12/21/2018 bought 5 shares of GIS for  $200.40 at $40.08 a share adding $9.80 in dividends

12/21/2018 bought 12 shares of MGIC for $91.80 at $7.65 a share adding $3.72  in dividends

12/24/2018 bought 12 shares of KR for $320.94 at $26.75 a share adding $6.72  in dividends

12/26/2018 bought 13 shares of HBI for $152.75 at $11.75 a share adding $7.80 in dividends


Total  spent was $2230.16 which added to my dividends a total of $97.80 a year. while big spending will slowdown we will still see some nice buys this year. Have you bought anything lately?

November 2018 Dividends


December is upon us and the weather is getting colder but the dividends are heating up. yep those dividends keep coming no matter what the weather does or the stock market through all its up and downs the one constant thing is those dividends hitting my account. Lots of them hit my account this month.

November is a slower month but has been growing lately as I add and it is slowly coming up and as of this month is higher than OCT. The big question will it stay higher? we will see as the year pans out next year.

You can see the November buys here.

As you can see i was paid 12 times by 11 companies. That comes out to $43.22 per company. CFFN paid its extra dividend in NOV instead of DEC which pushed this months up. I wont hit $700.00 in a month this year but should sometime next year.

If i were to go to my Durango Joes coffee shop at 2.97 a cup times 30 is $89.01.  That would  leave me with a nice $386.42 to put towards my bills. But i am going to eventually put it all back in the stock market, we brought in $15.84 a day.  This is a 98% increase over last November. Total for year now we have brought in $5275.56 which brings our total per day $15.79. This month continued to put last years total dividend in the rear view mirror. Total lifetime tracked dividends is $16,085.72. Definitely seeing the results as our estimated income for this year stands at $5,755. 15 dollars for this year. The 12 month rolling estimated dividend stands at $6,528.85. You can see the results after time a mix of dividend reinvestment and adding on my own has helped this tremendously. Looking at the chart you can see what percentage of  dividend was this month.  You can look at the past dividends page which has now been updated Past Dividends.

How was your dividend haul? Did you do better than expected? Let me know in the comments below.

October Dividend Income Report


Another month has passed the weather has turned cooler the leaves for the most part in my yard are off the trees. Mr Market has been very volatile, which has given some good buying oppurtunities which you can see here and here. as you can see thats lots of buys in case you had missed the 2 posts. The buying will slow down as i build upp cash positions but will continue to make buys.  Continue reading “October Dividend Income Report”