Two buys today MRCC and VOD

a quick rundown of 2 buys i did today.


Today I bought 2  stocks as i looked and it looked like i missed the exdividend date on a stock buy for a company that payed next month. So as i was deciding i looked at one and the other one i wanted to add to also.  Read more Continue reading “Two buys today MRCC and VOD”

Have a plan

I started investing in 2001. Invested casually throughout the years. I had the goal of getting stocks and hopeing they would do good. I started out knowing nothing and I still have most of that knowledge left. When we have a plan a downturn like 2008 and 2009 won’t deter us.

Even though I was down at that time I saw the big picture and really started pumping money in the stock market.

Friends would tell me to sell and move on but that wasn’t part of that long term plan and I’m a whole lot better off because I stuck to that long term mindset.

What I am trying to build is investments that will wether a long 2-3 year down turn I am not there yet but hopefully someday I will

Godbless you in your journey