Yesterdays stock buy

Yesterday dipped in and got the first buy of the year for me. We had to get this year going on the right track if we were to be successful.

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Visitor appreciation

Everyone that comes and visit my blog I am very thankful for. Last year I had 1,219 visitors and 245 comments that is in less than 6 months.

It is wonderfull to see how awesome this community is and how we appreciate and inspire others. Here is to a successful 2017 to each and every one of you.


God bless you

2016 Net Worth Q4

Here it is the second and final net worth track of 2016 I will have 4 in 2017 as i do them quarterly. some accounts go up and some go down as long as at the end of the year my final tally is positive that is all that really matters. Before i started blogging i had never tracked my net worth just kept track of my main account through sharebuilder  but now i cant wait each quarter to see where i am at.

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DEC Dividends

Well all the dividends have been tabulated it is time to see if it is time to cry or put a great big smile on my face. But to begin with to keep you in suspense a little i have never had a 200.00 month and now will we end 2016 ending that drought or will it continue?

After not having invested in almost 3 years this year i got after again as i paid off my credit card and sold some stocks and added some of mine to  the mix to buy some.  Continue reading “DEC Dividends”