Second Gift PEG

Yesterday in the mail i got the final piece My PEG account info it was officially awarded on the 26th of Jan but recieved it yesterday a transfer of 408 PEG stock into my name. Got my log in info today and changed the settings to reinvest all dividends.  So on Jan 26 i got 408 shares of PEG worth 20,889.60 it became my largest stock and even with the recent drop continues to be so lol. This is the third stock but the other 2 were in the same account. last week i posted on the other gifts of XOM and PPL. this one will add $701.46 to my yearly dividends and brings my 12 month rolling dvidends to $5,291.97. It becomes my largest dividend payer and becomes the 7th dividend payer over $200.00 and the first over $500.00. I am moving up in the world. 


Anyone have any exciting news lately?

Disclaimer: long all stocks mentioned


Stock gifts

Gotta love gifts right? well this one i sure do awhile back my mom started the process to gift me her stocks. 2 of them went through today. total account value of these are $13,547.84 total account value it includes 113 shares of Exxon Mobil and 48 shares of PPL. also included was 2,000.00 in cash.  Its through Morgan Stanley. they have account fees and higher buy and sell fees but  will keep the stocks in there and add money here and there till i get a good amount then make a big purchase and keep doing that.  My plan is that each of my nieces and nephew will take over an account so they will all get a nice chunk of money.  This will add $424.00 dollars a year to my dividends. Forward 12 month dividends sit at $4,535.47. Slowly but surely moving up. I have one more gift stock left it is through a different service so once i get online access i will update. 

Have you had any gifts?

Disclaimer: Long all stocks mentioned