2019 mid year Goal Update

Time to look at the goals i set and see if im on track to beat them or fall short. You can see the post HERE.

As we can see i set some lofty goals I have not been updating everything monthly but i have been updating the dividend monthly on my dividend report. I am withen matgin of error at 47 percent of course i would love to be higher than 50% but that would probaly mean I did not set high enough goals. I have been buying quality companies and bringing up lots in my portfolio.

As far as dividend growth from dividend raises i am approximately $10 dollars over last year with my latest raises. Looking at what raised last year unless i get a surprise here or there i will probably fall short of the $270 but that ok i want to keep striving and keep my eyes focused and continue to set lofty goals that will bring me plenty of dividends in the future and i think next year with the way my portfolio is i am better positioned for next year to really have a good year in dividend raises. I wont revise this down even though it looks unattainable right now i will just do minor adjustments next year.

Are you on pace to hit your goals?

2019 Goals

This post is to outline the goals for 2019. We are going to keep it simple and hope that we can continue Lots of great stuff especially keeping with lots of dividend increases.

  1. The main thing I want to do is keep buying quality stocks at great prices. I want to continue to add to existing stocks while balancing it out and adding more to the base.
  2. I  want to try to get around $270 dollars in dividend increases this year.  I want to build up stock i already have that have good increases and pray that some others have some nice increases.
  3. I want to bring in at  minimum $7,300.00 in dividends this year this will be the bronze level. $7,600.00 will be the silver level and $8,000 will be the gold level. I want a good balance of stock between Reits and those that have high dividend increases. I doubt that i will surpass last years dividend as early as i did this year but i think with nice dividend increases i can end up blowing last years total away.
  4. I will check in monthly to see how i am doing.



Did you set any goals what are they?