JUNE 2020 Dividend Report

This meme always seems appropriate for this month. June is always my largest month of the quarter and this month is no exception.

KR $20.64
VLO $54.88
HBI $26.70
CVX $37.41
XOM $134.35
MSFT $31.14
WBA $31.11
MAIN $25.88
O $11.35
LYB $56.70
DUK $67.10
FLO $23.36
R $50.40
D $35.72
USHYX $65.80
MGIC $9.30
BAC $52.38
FDUS $49.80
MRCC $31.50
MRCC $22.73
PEG $215.81
V $1.80
Total $1,055.86

Not a bad month considering 2 companies with dividend cuts were FdUS and MRCC and MGIC. Companies that had been giving raises but didn’t were XOM BAC and R and LYB. Received dividend raises from Duk, WBA and KR. hopefully get some good raises once they start raising the dividend again in March bought quite a few companies in this group. All considering the YOY was 25.7 percent compared to the $839.59 I received last June. Hope your month was good

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

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