March Dividend Income

This won’t be as fancy as my regular posts as I need to catch up. But March was an awesome month for dividends for me. I had a couple of dividend cuts of around $1,200 most of them were from my higher dividend stocks.

KR $19.20
VLO $48.02
LYB $48.30
CVX $30.96
XOM $131.86
HBI $23.70
DAL $28.98
MSFT $31.04
WBA $22.88
Flo $19.17
MAIN $23.00
O $9.00
DUK $65.21
D $26.32
R $35.84
USHYX $58.19
BAC $49.14
FDUS $64.74
MRCC $38.85
V $0.90
MRCC $26.92
PEG $213.51

Total $1,015.73

March 2019 total was $699.49. The YOY increase is 42.1 percent. Buys and dividend increases were the main drivers. I added a lot more buys this month as markets were good for adding. Hope your portfolio did good.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

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