November 19 Dividend Review

imageLess than 1 month left in the year.  We have our sights set on finishing out the year strong and finishing this out.  I bought in $446.70 this month. On the monopoly board you go  around the board and collect money except this money is not fake. It is the real deal and the results I have show it. . As the markets turn one day up and the next day down one thing that is basically constant is the dividends hitting my dividend account. One of the goals is to be able to live off the dividends. While i could right now combined with my military retirement and disability, I am not settling and going forward and going to see how much dividend income I can accumulate before I officially call it quits and start using the dividend income. As you can see I was paid 10 times by 10 companies. That comes out to $44.67 per company.  Some dividend reinvestment and additions helped bring this up though it still droopped but that was expected

An addendum to last month I surpassed last years dividend with my last dividend recieved in OCT.


If i were to go to my Durango Joes coffee shop at 2.97 a cup times 30 is $89.10.  That would  leave me with a nice $357.6 to put towards my bills.   I am going to eventually put it all back in the stock market, I brought in 14.89 a day.  This is a 53.50% increase over last September. Total for year now I have brought in $6402.37 which brings our total per day down to $19.16.  Total lifetime tracked dividends is $23165.65. Definitely seeing the results each month. The 12 month estimated dividend stands at $6984.40 based on this month, through the end of 2019. You can see the results after time a mix of dividend reinvestment and adding on my own has helped this tremendously. This month would pay 3 of my bills with a little left over, but when I inherit the house I will have more so I want to be able to cover most of those also. Looking at the chart you can see what percentage of  dividend was from each company this month.  You can look at the past dividends page which has now been updated Past Dividends.

With $446.70 brought in this month and a total of $6402.37 I am 87.70 percent of my Bronze level goal of $7300.   I still expect to make my goal this year. My 12 month out  Prospective dividend rose from $7666.06 to $8185.67

I have been making some changes to my Portfolio,  to streamline it into a portfolio that is driven by dividend increases. The portfolio will be better in the long run because of this. The portfolio page has been updated here.

For those that like total return I am  gonna start including it in here, I myself just care about the dividends but some like the total return

Since June 18 when i first moved my money  through Nov 30, 2019 I have a 19.76%  S&p 500 TR is 19.62%  increase. Increase from Jan 1st -Nov 30 27.27%  S&p 500 TR is 27.63%  for the month of November it is 3.14% to 3.63%  to the S&P 500 TR.

How was your month? Let me know in the comments below.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

11 thoughts on “November 19 Dividend Review”

  1. D&H –

    Nice. That’s awesome you COULD fully cover it with military and dividends, always a nice plan to have in the back pocket, might I add. Also, over 50% growth rate? Yikes – keep that up for 2020 : )



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