2 Dividend Increases.

image Another dividend increase. As a matter of fact 2 were received and they get me that much closer to financial independence. That goal is closer and closer achieved with every increase.

The first Increase is Iron Mountain IRM and while it was small it sure is appreciated. As it helps out. You have to scroll down but you can read about the increase here. An increase is and increase and i will take it.

The raise was $.0075 cents a share since i own 43 shares it will add, $1.29 a year.

The second raise was ABBV and yeppers it was a keeper though i would have kept it even if it was smaller. You can read about this 10.2 percent raise here.

ABBV has had a bumpy ride but this dividend raise makes it worth it. I have added a lot this year and it is definitely showing. Since i own 77 shares of this wonderful company It will give me an extra $33.88 a year.

2020 raises

IRM  $1.29

ABBV $33.88

Total for the year so far $35.17

Have you had any raises yet?

The portfolio page has been updated with these changes which you can see here.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

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