July 18 Dividend report

image As we march into August and the days remain hot. we know one thing remains constant. the constant is that of dividends hitting our account. Wether the days are hot the days are cold as they will be in a short time, wether the market is up or the market is down, we know that dividends will always be constant.

This month was no exception but it was good non the less as we keep marching on and on. 33.2 percent

This month you will have to scoll to see the chart.

As you can see i brought in $366.03 from 11 different companies. If i were to go to my Durango Joes coffee shop at 2.97 a cup times 31 is 92.07. That leaves me with a nice $273.96 to put towards my bills with 31 days in July we brought in $10.83 a day. Total for year now we have brought in $3168.69 which brings our total per day $14.94. total lifetime tracked dividends is $13,978. definatly seeing the results as our estimated income for this year stands at $5432 Dollars for this year. the 12 month rolling estimated dividend stands at $6154.45. you can see the results after time a mix of dividend reinvestment and adding on my own has helped this tremendously.

How was your dividend haul? Did you do better than expected? Let me know in the comments below.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

6 thoughts on “July 18 Dividend report”

  1. Job well done, and looking at your historical dividends it looks like you’re going to blow the 2017 total out of the water! That is quite impressive!

    I’ll second the note for goals, as they can be extremely helpful. I have found that when I don’t set specific goals I can tend to flounder or think I am doing well enough, when in reality I could be pushing myself more. It would also be great to see that YoY growth because as I mentioned, you’re crushing last year so I suspect those numbers would be very encouraging!

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    1. yes it does look like I am going to blow last years out of the water. love it when that happens i know it wont happen every year but as long as the dividends rise every year I am happy. Thanlks for stopping by and commenting


  2. Hi Doug. Sweet! 33% YoY growth sounds like a winner to me. MO and NRZ are really doing some work for you. I fairly recently added MO and collected my 1st dividend… nowhere near as big though.
    I saw you noted MAIN’s dividend increase in another post. I’m glad I could join the receiving that increase. MAIN has had a nice climb up in price this year, too.

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    1. Yes its always good to get that type growth. Dont know how long that can continue but i will take it as long as it lasts. Yes main has had a nice run up . I wish it would drop some so i could get a better price. Because im greedy like that. lol Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


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