June 18 dividend report.

yall-got-any-more-of-them-dividends We are  cruising through the year and just hit the 7th month of the year. I looked at my list checked it twice to see who was naughty or nice? OOO wait wrong month for that but i did have to check my list twice and in a minute you will know why. This month was so close but no cigar. still a brutalizing record which really helps.

Just a quick recap of some things pertaining to my account. I finally got a partial transfer of my account into Merrill edge one June 26th. Took long enough but im glad its started. i will write more on this later as lots more info on the transfer.

You can scroll over and see the bar chart or scroll down and see the comparison to last year. As you can see from the numbers you can see why I had to check my list twice. but alas to no avail as thats what it looks like the numbers will be. I will have to wait till December for a $700.00 plus month as i have 2 supplemental dividends that push this month way over top. of course i was helped by  XOM and PEG both gifts from my mom with a small addition to XOM.

If i were to go to my Durango Joes coffee shop at 2.97 a cup times 30 is $89.01. That leaves me with a nice $610.08 to put towards my bills. Which for June would have covered all my bills. In the future i will have more bills when i take over the house from my mom. for now this covers my bills. But alas we will collect what we did and save it to drop into a stock once my total  transfer gets complete. We had a 80 percent increase over last year. This months $699.18 comes out to $23.08 a day I  earned this month.   This brings my accumulated dividends for this year to $2802.66, this comes out daily to $15.48 a day average for the year. Which puts me on schedule for bringing in this year, $5605.32. My 12 month rolling prospective dividend cumulative is $6051.86 which comes out to $504 a month average.

How was your dividend haul? Did you do better than expected? Let me know in the comments below.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

13 thoughts on “June 18 dividend report.”

  1. Nice progress and impressive income for the month! I sometimes wish the first and second months could be as productive as the third month of each quarter (at least for how our portfolio is currently structured).

    Overall, a number of good names.in your portfolio. Thanks for sharing. – Mike

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    1. Im going to definitely keep heading strong mad a few small buys and might do one more tomorrow, then save up cash till September when i should have plenty of free trades. Nice job yourself on yours. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Stellar progress made, Doug! Nearly $700 this month is sweet. Crossing that $500/mo. in annual forward dividend income is awesome, too.
    Nice pop in the HBI income… I assume the result of a purchase this past year? HBI has been up and down and back up again.

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