New Milestone reached

Yes we had a new milestone reached on Tuesday.  Hopefully it lasts but with the markets who knows. I have a higher net worth but when i logged in close of business Tuesday the 12th this is what i saw55F0466E-B192-4328-822F-7532178EEC1E

It has since risen since  then and dropped today. Currently sits at a nice loss after today. but still  $100,050.00. this is sweet and barring a major setback in the market will continue to go up. but if the market retreats hopefully i can buy some more.

Have you had any Milestones lately?

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

6 thoughts on “New Milestone reached”

    1. Always good when you can cross amilestone you will get there but first you have to cross that 25,000 step by step. made another milestone in my newtworth this month crossed over a certain amount. Thanks for the comment


  1. Good job of reaching 100k! it is fun to look at isn’t? Two items, I noticed you had a bunch of different accounts similar to you..have you thought about combining them at all? I have been thinking about combining mine just for simplification. Also, with Sharebuilder getting purchased by ETrade this year – have you thought about transferring to a new provider? I was going to try to consolidate all my accounts into Fidelity as that is the account my current job sponsors. Have a good day Nathan

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    1. thanks for the comment. 2 a are bank accounts and one is a Annuity type thing. another is a life insurance/bank thing and 2 investment accounts though i have picked up 2 more investment accounts recently it will make it easier for me to transfer them to my nieces and nephew when i pass this way then they can do whatever they want.


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