BAC dividend increase

Missed this one when it came out. i heard people talk that they planned on it but never saw an official declaration till they announced the dividend yesterday guess right after passing the stress test they announced this dividend. Of course with any dividend increase it is always welcome. I honestly did not think they would raise it this much i figured about .002 cents a quarter maybe but i was wrong. always good to be wrong

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bank of America today announced that the company’s Board of Directors plans to increase its quarterly common stock dividend by 60 percent to $0.12 per share, beginning in the third quarter of 2017.

Also, the Board authorized the repurchase of $12 billion in common stock from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, plus repurchases to offset shares awarded under equity-based compensation plans during the same period, estimated to be approximately $0.9 billion.

The Federal Reserve Board has informed the company that it completed its 2017 Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review and that it did not object to Bank of America’s capital plan, including the proposed dividend increase and stock repurchases.

So this was a huge raise and added an extra .045 cents which with 225.45 shares adds 10.14 a quarter and 40.58 a year This pushes me over 100 in dividend increases for the year I hope to beable over the next couple of years bring this up alot every year i still have at least 1 major company that is waiting on an announcement

BAC 40.58

MAIN $6.067

OHI 4.36 third raise this year

Duk 5.093

NRZ 9.27 second raise this year

O .081    This is the third raise for this year

Flo 3.49

Apple $19.12

OHI 2.03 2nd raise

O .80

Walmart .776

KO $1.22

OHI 1.24

NRZ $5.04

O $1.27

announced last year effective this year

CIM $3.51

ATT .80

The total is $104.76 in raises so far.

Have you had any raises lately?


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