Account diversfication

We are going to look at the diversification of my dividend paying stocks and see where i need to go. Of course i am not going to just buy a stock to buy a stock but if one is close to being a good deal i will buy it. The goal of diversification is to help ward off dividend cuts and such. Lots of people instantly sell on dividend cuts but i think its a case by case look at each cut when it happens. 

With 8 sectors I am a little underweight  in some so the goal is going to be to bring the smaller groups off. Some sell off the top and add to the bottom. I am just going to add as i see fit and hope it gets better as it gets going along. Of course it could get worse if a top sector goes on sale and I am able to buy some at the time. we wont just add just to add to even things out just like I am not going to sell just to add to the bottom.  So as the years get going we will see how this stacks later on.

How is your diversification?


Author: dividendsandhobbies

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4 thoughts on “Account diversfication”

  1. Nice div. Why not add to energy there’s some high dividend players in there. Enbridge is probably my favorite stock. Altagas seems like a good deal at the moment but I’m too high in the energy sector atm. But I’m wayyyyy to low in technology haha

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  2. It’s always good to keep an eye on your asset allocation and diversification. Personally as far as dividends are concerned, I tended to focus more about the total dividends from each sector & how much each company contributes more so than the market cap of each sector. But nowadays I leave most of the dividend diversification to mutual funds.

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