May Dividends


Yes it is my favorite time of the month and I am sure it is everyone elses. It is the time we add up our ever growing dividend stream which should put smiles on our faces. hopefully everyone is happy with their increasing streams of dividends.  its always fun adding up the income stream but when you realize this month every thing pays by the 22nd except on mutual fund it kind of like hey i need to spread this out more.

This month was awesome thanks to OHI and Apple really helped push me up and its the first time this month has been over 200.00 so this makes 3 months in a row over 200.00. now on to other milestones as 250.00 is our next goal in this

With this months dividend it puts me at $408 dollars shy of last years total which probably wont be hit next month but early July. Wish i could keep doing this every year lol.

$210.77 is also a big increase of 213 percent from last May of 67.19. So we are definatly making progress. At 2.97 a cup at a local shop called durango Joes this be 92.07 a month in coffee and leave me with 118.7 which would still pay  the home phone with a little left over. But i will continue to buy my ground coffee and make it at home and reinvest all my dividends

Making 210.77 this month brings my daily haul to 6.79 not quite minimum wage but getting close. now total for the year with bringing in 1223.19 bring the total to 8.10 and with that my monthly average drops to 244.6 and brings my estimated yearly haul for 2017 to 2935.6

You have to love dividend investing.

How was your month?

Disclaimer: Long all stocks in post

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

28 thoughts on “May Dividends”

  1. Your year over year progress shows you are definitely on the right track. Keep building higher and higher and look forward to seeing you hit your next milestone of income at $250!!! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks it might come August or close to it as i have VOD paying that month. so it will be interesting to see was hoping to add to VOD but doesnt look like it will happen. Thanks for stopping by again.


    1. just keep adding and you will get there slowly but surely. yes right now i drip everything maybe once i get closer to 1000 a quarter i will revisit but it doesnt seeem worth it not to drip now.thanks for stopping by


  2. Amazing, 213 percent increase! That´s something. If you keep this up you will be FI before you even know it. Loved the part where you talked about how much Coffee you can buy. Always great to put the numbers in perspective. Keep going!

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