Flo Dividend raise

Yes another company decided to send money my way and i am stocked about. who wouldnt be? no matter how small or how big a dividend raise is it is always good to get one and they all add up over time. this is my 8th one to be announced this year and 10th to take effect. 

I bought FLO last year when it dipped down after those struggles it was having this is my first raise from flo

THOMASVILLE, Ga., May 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Flowers Foods (FLO) today announced that its board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of $0.17 per share, an increase of 6.3% over the same quarter last year. This is the 59th consecutive quarterly dividend paid by the company and is payable on June 23, 2017 to shareholders of record on June 9, 2017. This action increases the annualized dividend rate to $0.68 per share from $0.64 per share at this time last year.

Flowers Foods, Inc. produces and markets bakery products in the United States. It operates through two segments, Direct-Store-Delivery (DSD) and Warehouse Delivery. The DSD segment produces and markets fresh bakery foods, including fresh breads, buns, rolls, tortillas, and snack cakes. This segment offers its products primarily under the Nature’s Own, Wonder, Cobblestone Bread Company, Tastykake, and Dave’s Killer Bread brand names. It operates 39 bakeries, as well as sells its products through a network of independent distributors to retail and foodservice customers. The Warehouse Delivery segment produces snack cakes, breads, and rolls for national retail, foodservice, vending, and co-pack customers through a network of warehouse channels. This segment markets its products under the Mrs. Freshley’s, Alpine Valley Bread, and European Bakers brand names. Flowers Foods, Inc. also sells products under franchised and licensed trademarks and trade names, such as Sunbeam, Bunny, and Sara Lee. The company was formerly known as Flowers Industries and changed its name to Flowers Foods, Inc. in 2001. Flowers Foods, Inc. was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia.

We got past that part what is not to love about a 6.3 percent increase?  This increase since i have 87.29 shares increase my quarterly payout by .8729 a quarter or 3.49 a year.

Apple $19.12

OHI 2.03 2nd raise

O .80

Walmart .776

KO $1.22

OHI 1.24

NRZ $5.04

O $1.27

announced last year effective this year

CIM $3.51

ATT .80

The total is 39.29 in raises so far.

Have you had any dividend raises lately?



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