April Dividends

imageYes it is that time again where we count up all the dividends received and see what we have. We will see how much closer i am to my goals. So lets tally them up and see what we have.

So this month i received $261.91 from 14 different companies. while not a record high it is a new record for April that we hope will continue to go up and up.

As you can see lots of drip going on and a very good dividend. speaking of that this represents a 141.8 percent increase over Apr 16 dividend of $108.00 which as long as these big increases come i will take them. My total take so fare this year is 1012.42 will i surpass last years total by June? it is a very good possibility if not june then 1 or 2 dividends in July will put me over the edge. This tracking of dividends is getting exciting. This also brings my total haul of dividends since i started investing to 8205 of course that is from 2001 so its not a lot yet.

With this months haul if i were to see how much i made a day for it comes out to $8.73. so i get a little more than an hourly wage a day the good thing is that this is continuing to go up. so far for the year based on 1012.42  for the year i am at 8.43 a day not bad at all. We keep on moving up.

So with this months haul if i were to buy a large 24 oz aday cup from the local shop with it at $2.97 a cup. yes i went and priced it this past week so i have the exact numbers for a large.  Drinking that cup every day comes out to $89.1 dollars. leaves me with 172.81 wich gives me enough money to pay 2 bill this month my cellphone and my home phone with a little bit left over.

How was your month?  was it a record?

Disclaimer: I am glad i buy my coffee ground up at 5.99 which lasts awhile. I am long at the present time on all stocks listed on this page.


Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

20 thoughts on “April Dividends”

  1. Very nice haul for April and so far for the year. I see you have a few stocks I never heard of and I am interesting in learning more about them, SPKKY for example. I do not drip yet but I think starting next year I will start to drip a few of my long term stocks.

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  2. Great work. April tends to be down for everyone after the excitement of March. But lots of solid companies paying you this month. It will be an awesome feeling to surpass last years dividend income and the year would only be half way over. Still plenty of time to go to make those gains even bigger. Keep up the great work!

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  3. That’s a very solid update for the month of April. Interesting to see that we hold just one name in common paying us last month. Keep buying, DRIPing, etc. and keep your snowball ever growing. Are you a coffee lover? How big is that $5.99 bag?

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    1. the last couple i bought are Generic they are the 32 ounce cans which last anywhere from 2-3 weeks of course i love coffee. The generic from Kroger is the Kroger brand though they did have a really generic and it was once 4.99 but it wasnt there the last time i went there.
      Thanks for stopping buy and the kind words.


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