Quarterly Net worth

This one is a little late because i could not remember my password to one account but did remember it so did not have to send away for it. hopefully i remember it for awhile lol. This one saw a nice little bump up which is good. nothing to write home about but we are getting closer and closer to FI which will be awesome.

All these are from the March statements or march 31st.

This quarter was a 3.5 percent bump up over last quarter not a lot but as you get higher and higher up it is harder to keep big increases up tho they can happen from time to time.

How was your Quarter? Did you have a big increase?

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

4 thoughts on “Quarterly Net worth”

  1. Nice increase. As you say, the higher the net worth the less the percentage increase. My net worth increased over 60% but my net worth is less than 50k.

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  2. When I saw Sharebuilder I shed a tear because it was the first brokerage firm I used 10+ years ago because back then I was able to buy portions of shares instead of a whole share which I thought was a cool idea. I started to track my finances more the last 2 years and I use companies like Mint and Personal Capital to not only track my spending but also to view my finances all in one place. I am not doing as well as you are (Student loans are killing me) but I am working on short terms goals to reach my long term goal of FI. Keep up the good work.

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