February Dividends

imageOk we have hit the end of FEB  that means it is time to tally up the dividends and see where we stand wether to cry or smile. hopefully we have enough to pay a bill.

This is the time that ALL of us who collect dividends look forward to. wether you are just starting out or been doing it for 30 years this is where we see what our money has done for us.

Now i like to  make my money work smarter for me. This provides a snaposhot of exactly how i am progressing.

Well know it is time to see what i did

This month finally hit over $100 but fell just a smidgeon short of the 200 dollar mark that ok though the AUG ones will hit that most likely May will be down a little as Vod pays 2 times a year. So now every month should be rolling on above 100. now its time to work on 200. this comes out to a 185 percent increase over same month last year

As you can see 11 companies and one mutual fund paid me 196.15. because of the shorter month this comes out to 7.00 a day. which affords me 1 cup of coffee at around 2.00 at the local coffee place. I could also pay one bill that i have that is 60.00 a month and have 80.00 left over but i will for now reinvest these and bring the next month these come due up.

Looks like i will make around 2016.5 in total dividends this year.

How was your month?



Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

9 thoughts on “February Dividends”

  1. This is a great report for Feb. You have some good companies paying you. You will be hitting $200 in no time. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

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  2. So close to $200 – that’ll be a nice milestone to beat on a monthly basis. But it’s all headed in the right direction, upward, and that’s the important thing. Congrats on another month closer to FI.
    Best wishes,

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