Quarterly Networth

Well as of SEP 30th i have figured out my networth. It took a little bit because i had lost some info but i finally got everything to check some accounts so. I am able to update my networth quarterly now

I started investing in 1999 with USAA in Mutual funds and stocks in AUG 2001  with stocks had done bonds before then but had some emergencies that i had to cash out of them so they served a purpose. but i wanted more. so that is why I started doing mutual funds and stocks.

So there you have it my networth for Q3. How is your networth?

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

12 thoughts on “Quarterly Networth”

  1. Wow, starting 1999, that’s really early, but i didn’t see a huge jump in dividends, I guess your focus wasn’t on the dividends back then.

    Speaking to many retirees, all of them said one thing, they wish they would have invest/save more for retirement. But didn’t regret spending money for their children or the vacations. I’m trying not to cheap out from my living, and still save a little bit after I’ve reached financial independence.

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  2. Good for you!! You’re officially a Quarter Millionaire! 🙂 I know it takes a lot to put it all out there but I think it is a good motivator as well. I still need to get a better grip on my dividends!! It would be helpful to see what extra money was coming in and from where. Adding it to my to do list! 🙂

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