One of my hobbies is gardening. As the summer growing season comes to an end I was blessed with an awesome garden.

This year I was blessed with a lot of squash, peppers, corn, pumpkin, cantaloupe and potatoes. My mom grew strawberries, tomatoes, blackberries, spinach, kale, and radishes.

I was blessed with such a harvest of squash I have some away and froze some so I can have squash in the winter.

Making with that I was blessed with an abundance of peppers have given some away and hopefully will give others away and will be cutting some up to freeze tonight and a few nights as I try to stay ahead.

Squash bugs were horrible this year it seems they get worse and worse each year so next year to try to get rid of them no squash products. Neighbor said that worked for them. As I don’t want to put chemicals in the ground or food o spray with dawn soap and water. I will put soap scraps on the ground and use water to hopefully kill any that survive.


Did you have a garden? How did it do?


Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

6 thoughts on “Gardening”

  1. We did pretty well with our garden – still getting lots of tomatoes. The surprising thing was the cantaloupe. We eat quite a bit of it from the grocery store. All of the seeds ended up in our compost pile and was spread out on the garden. We didn’t know what kind of plants they were at first, but were pleasantly surprised to have a little collection of cantaloupes.

    We love gardening – food seems to taste better when you grow it yourself. And, of course, it saves you money at the grocery store.

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  2. I’ve tried several years to produce a harvest, but sadly I didn’t inherit the green thumb of my ancestors. My mother can grow anything. She comes from a long line of farmers. They’re all rolling over in their graves watching me fail miserably. I grew up with a backyard of fruits and vegetables. It was awesome.

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