Saving money

Friends there are many ways to save money this post will tell of a couple of ways. There is a Kroger affiliated store close to me called Smiths. Most of my shopping is there followed by Safeway then Walmart then some dollar stores and a store called farmers markets. Read more

Well both Smiths and Safeway sell giftcards the others do to but these stores offer twice the gas points. I usually dont buy the gift cards at double gas points. Smiths does it more so most of my gift card purchases comes from there. A couple of times a year around all the major holidays and graduation and a few select other times they have their gift cards at 4 times rewards.

So there are restaurants that i like to eat at after church with friends so i will pick up gidt cards for that and birthdays and gifts for christmas all the while getting gas rewards for doing so. Some restaurants give a military discount so its even more savings.

Also when shopping in there i bring bags and if i buy something they give bag points. so if i buy 5 dollars worth of groceries and bring my own bag theoratically on a normal day i will walk out with 10 points towards a gas reward but some give you anywhere between 2-10 bag credits. So i would say 60 to 70 percent of the gas rewards i get are from bag credits. possibly more.

In the morning A lot of time  they will reduse food getting ready to go to the sell date. so i will buy that food. I usually dont eat packaged food and stuff but if i am going to pay half price i will pick it up to help bring down food costs. Last week shrimp was 2 days from expiring was like 2.50 off its price while not half price made a good deal for shrimp fajitas.

Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

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