Two buys today MRCC and VOD

a quick rundown of 2 buys i did today.

Today I bought 2  stocks as i looked and it looked like i missed the exdividend date on a stock buy for a company that payed next month. So as i was deciding i looked at one and the other one i wanted to add to also.  Read more

MRCC is a BDC I bought today. I bought 55 shares at a price of $15.90 for a total of $881.44 It has a yearly dividend of 1.40 a share and a 8.80% yield a little high but  it looks like an excellant company that will provide steady income.  I believe this company is one of the better run BDC out there. This is my first position in this company. This buy adds $77.00 dollars a year. and $19.25 a quarter


My second buy was a venture overseas to buy VOD. This buy added to an existing position I wont recieve a dividend from Vod until next year but man will it be worth it I bought 30 shares at price of $31.32 total price was $946.52 to bring my share total to 85  shares it has a current dividend of $2.05 per year and a yield of 6.50. This purchase adds $61.05 to next years dividend bringing it to a total of $174.25.


Not bad for a days work? what are your thoughts on the purchase? Do you own any shares of the above stocks?

A little disclaimer here as i am not a professional stock picker nor do i play one on TV any picks are for my use only any attempt to copy could result in both of us being dissapointed or both being happy.

God bless every one of you


Author: dividendsandhobbies

A Christian first and foremost. I love to invest fish grow a garden etc.

3 thoughts on “Two buys today MRCC and VOD”

  1. Overseas stock! I could never take the plunge out of the home bias that I have and try to invest overseas. I don’t think I’m educated enough on the space to actually figure out what research to do, so kudos to you for being able to break out of the home bias!


    1. Thanks for commenting
      It’s not that much more research just looking at the same stuff you would for a company in the states. A good company is a good company wether it is here or there. But stick with what works for you.


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